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Natural Drying
Advantages:Low cost
(1)Large area
(2)susceptible to weather
(3)Low efficiency, suitable for small capacity equipment

Описание продукцииMetal Multilayer Dryer
(1)Low cost
(2)Not affected by weather
Disadvantages: Large area
Natural drying: mainly rely on natural weather (sunshine, wind) to dry naturally.
Components of the brick dryer: standard bricks, refractory bricks, cement boards.
The equipment components are composed of: drive system, fan, uniform air plate, mesh belt, roller, etc.
The heat source of the equipment can be: coal, wood, biomass pellets, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel and other heat sources.

Metal multilayer dryer
The metal multilayer dryer is generally 6 layers, and 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 layers can be customized.
Equipment advantages
1.Compared with the transmission type single-layer dryer, energy saving is more than 30%.
2. The equipment area can be saved by more than 50%.
Equipment heat sources: natural gas, coal, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, biomass particles, steam and other heat sources.

Metal Multi-layer dryer is matched with drum equipment perfectly. The automatic drum type egg tray/box production line is mainly suitable for the production of egg trays, egg boxes, fruit trays, beverage cup trays, bottle trays and other low-height products with regular shapes. The transmission mode adopts the industrial transmission chain to drive the net plate, which runs in the drying line

6-layer drying line focused on heat recovery
1. Preheat the product, reduce the deformation of the product, recycle the exhaust gas, and reduce the energy consumption of drying.
2. Improve product quality and reduce production costs.
3. The heat energy recovery can make 20% of the heat energy recycled, greatly reducing the production cost.
4. A hot air hood is attached and the hot air is recycled to the forming machine for heating. Which saving energy and reducing costs.

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