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The automatic rotary paper tray production line is composed of a pulping system, a forming system, a drying system and a stacking system. It is used to produce egg trays, fruit trays and other products. Using waste carton paper, waste newspapers, book papers, scraps and other waste paper as raw materials, through hydraulic disintegration, filtration, water injection and other processes to prepare a certain concentration of slurry, through the molding system on the special metal mold through vacuum adsorption A wet blank is formed, then dried by a dryer and stacked.

Описание продукцииParameters
This equipment is a twelve-side drum forming machine. The equipment consists of forming templates, transfer templates, worm reducers, motors, intelligent control appliances, high-precision dividers and solenoid valves. The drive motor drives the worm reducer to drive the divider to make the equipment move intermittently.
BK-12X6000 (5-12) egg tray making machine is mainly used for pulp molding products such as egg trays, coffee cup trays, fruit trays, medical trays, etc.
The drying method is generally natural drying.
BK-12X7000 (6-12) full-automatic paper pulp egg tray making machine can be produced automatically. This automatic egg tray machine can produce various specifications of egg trays, paper coffee cup holders, fruit trays, medical trays and other pulp molding products.

Model BK-12X6000(5-12) BK-12X7000(6-12)
Capacity/hour 5500-6500pcs 7000-7500pcs
Template size 1790MMX470MM 2100MMX470MM
Number of molds 60+6 boxes 72+6 boxes
Operating mode of forming machine

Rotary adsorption molding

Molding cycle

17-24 times/minute

Power 178kw 245kw
labour 5-6 person/shift 6-7 person/shift
Paper 425 kg/hour 490 kg/hour
Water 1275kg/hour 1470 kg/hour
Product height that can be produced


Drying method

A:Traditional brick dryer                       B:Metal multi-layer dryer Heat energy can be used: coal, natural gas (LNG), diesel, liquefied petroleum gas( LPG), heat transfer oil, steam and other heat energy

1. The capacity of the equipment is calculated based on the production of 30 egg trays with a size of 300*300mm and a dry tray weight of 70g.

2. Various specifications of equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

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